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Jeannine Capria, RN, MSN, CHES

Jeannine Capria, RN, MSN, CHES,
ARCB Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Practitioner, Intrinsic Coach®

"Throughout my 16 year career as nurse and health educator, I take pride in being a caring, dedicated and passionate advocate for my clients. I believe that I was born to serve. Some of my greatest experiences have been exploring enhanced wellness methodologies. I am always seeking new ways to expand my knowledge and skills. In graduate school, I was reminded that Florence Nightingale was not only the founding mother of nursing, but also the first holistic nurse! She focused on healing the whole person not just the specific disease or illness. When Holistic Nursing was officially recognized in 2006 by the American Nurses Association, I found my voice in holistic nursing.

"Yet it was a personal health crisis not professional endeavor that propelled me towards holistic nursing. I was diagnosed with Guillian Barre Syndrome (GBS) leading to a surprising transformational experience! For in trying to deal with my intense pain and recovery, GBS not only became the catalyst of a new journey towards wellness, but also my greatest teacher!

"Inspired by this transformational experience and passion to be a healer, I formed Intrinsic Health Source. My joy and focus is to offer clients an opportunity to embark on their own life transforming experience. I will work together with individuals, families, and healthcare practitioners to implement wellness strategies and holistic healing therapies to complement modem conventional healthcare practices while honoring each individual's healthcare beliefs."

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