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Professional, licensed caring practitioners that are experts in their fields. Our mission is to promote an optimal state of well-being for our patients and be a resource for health and healing in our community. We strive to help you be your best by nurturing you mind, body, and spirit.

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we made them all happy

  • I was truly ASTOUNDED at how youthful I felt after having an acupuncture treatment on my lower back. I went from a pain level of 7/10 to 0! ... Don't let your fears keep you from experiencing overall wellness.

    J. Garcia
  • I LOVE Revive Wellness this is the real deal in Natural Health Care. My bloodwork shows all the transformations that needed to be changed and I feel amazing and everyone that knows me wants to know what I am doing because it shows.

    C. Diglio
  • I love Revive Wellness Center because I receive care that is both compassionate and complete.  My migraines and general wellness have improved at Revive and I feel more centered and self-aware. I truly look forward to each appointment, knowing I will leave feeling renewed, calm, and more educated about how to continue to care for myself.

  • I didn't think it was possible for me to ever "get better." I had learned to live with my illnesses and thought my limitations and symptoms would always be obstacles... With the guided help and support of the Revive team, I now see that there is a better quality of life for me.

    Laura K
  • I have been receiving acupuncture for more than a decade at Revive. A visit to Revive Wellness combines the comfort of home with the feeling of being pampered - all in one.


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