About Revive Wellness Center

Revive Wellness Center is a family-owned small business that offers the latest and greatest services in holistic family practice, naturopathic medicine, functional medicine, and integrative medicine.  We individualize our plans to provide you with the resources, therapies, and tools you need to address your healthcare goals and help you to achieve optimal health and wellness.

When you see one of our doctors at Revive, you are actually getting the expertise of a team of doctors. Our physicians and practitioners collaborate and learn from each other to provide the most effective therapies, research, and resources to help you be your best.

Revive Wellness Center

Be Your Best at Revive

Your Resource for Natural Health and Healing

Revive Wellness is a center for healing that has all of the resources for revitalization of the body, mind, and spirit.  We are dedicated to improving health and wellness by combining the best practices in conventional and integrative medical care and natural therapies in a nurturing environment.  Our collaborative team of professional and licensed practitioners provides the highest quality care for realizing an optimal state of well-being. We serve the health and healing of our community with integrity and uphold the maximum standards in our respective fields of expertise. Your health matters to us.

Health Care is a Collaboration

Our receptionists, in addition to our physicians and practitioners, are a part of your healthcare experience and are also dedicated to helping you achieve wellness by taking care of your front desk needs.

Mission Statement

We support your journey into wellness the minute you walk through our doors. We  are a liaison between you and your healthcare practitioner and your healthcare advocate.

We are dedicated to problem solving in an open and conscientious manner whenever any issues or concerns should arise. We inspire a non-judgmental, peaceful, healing atmosphere where you feel welcome, accepted and appreciated for choosing us as your healing haven.

Our Great Team

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