Allergies and asthma are both signs that the body’s immune system is hyper-reactive and is experiencing inflammation.

In naturopathic medicine, we address the cause of allergies and asthma through:

  • Advanced scientific testing, such as, specialized food allergy and sensitivity testing; laboratory nutrient analysis and nutrigenomic evaluation when indicated.
  • Healing gastrointestinal dysfunction, hyper permeability (leaky-gut syndrome), microbial imbalances.
  • Providing an individualized clinical nutritional plan to address underlying causes of disharmony and help you feel your best.
  • Recommend physician-grade natural supplements and herbs that are specific for your health and healing plan.
  • Address the emotional and psychological stress related factors that contribute to and exacerbate allergy and asthma symptoms.
  • Utilize acupuncture and traditional Chinese medical therapies (cupping, tui na, TDP lamp, herbs.) to synergize with our naturopathic medical treatment, provide symptom relief and restore balance to the energetic systems of the body.

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