We chose to partner with Xymogen in offering customized vitamin packs to make it easier for you to take your supplements and because we know they offer the highest quality supplements at a reasonable price.

  1. Reserve an appointment for a PersonaLogix supplement assessment visit with a practitioner either over the phone ($50 fee) or in person (naturopathic office visit fee*). Call 203-387-1540 (New Haven) or 203-783-9802 (milford) or email us at revivewellness@aol.com to make an appointment.
  2. Receive a referral code for access to the online assessment form.
  3. Do assessment at www.personalogix.com prior to appointment.
  4. Review your assessment report with your practitioner during the visit and get a customized supplement plan. Get your customized supplement packs sent directly to your home with free shipping!

PersonaLogix can consolidate your supplement plan into personalized AM & PM packets sent right to your door each month…no more separate bottles and no more waste!
We recommend assessments be done once per quarter. Get started today!
Visit www.personalogix.com to set up a new user profile with this login information:

  • Health Support Code: REVIVE
  • Doctor Last Name: Morris

* Some insurance plans may cover the visit.
Please call the Revive Wellness Center if you have any questions at (203) 387-1540

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